Concrete Services Provided by CSI

Foundations: All types of residential and commercial from compacted certified pads through structural steel work. Everything from room additions to industrial where house floors.

Flat work: This is our specialty ! The basic slab . Your typical grey/broom finish 4” thick concrete slab. High traffic areas for driveway add-ons to patio extensions, sidewalks, curb and gutter to large commercial entrances for industrial equipment. This is where we shine.

Custom Concrete: The colors, textures and designs available for concrete are limitless. We have set a standard with our custom stamp ,color ,acrylic coat and stain applications. This lets the customers creativity really flow.

Cohills® Integral Colors: Cohills® Colors are blended with Bayferrox® Iron Oxide Pigments. They are used in a wide variety of cement-based products such as decorative curbing, redi-mixed concrete, precast concrete products including block, pavers, roof tiles, mortars, grouts, etc. The pigment is added to the concrete mix and the particles become errantly bound with the cement paste to create durable earth tone shades.

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Demolition: Your standard stress relieving job. We get to break concrete ! We are fully equipped to remove any type of concrete . Our hydraulic hammers, concrete saws and dumping capabilities can make short work of any concrete removal project.

Grading/Clean up: Nobody likes to do the dirty work. We are always hands on. By hand checking areas needing grade adjustment with our laser level equipment. Let us remove your excess dirt , grass,weeds, decorative rock or if you need a mountain built we can do that too!

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